Minami Goto is a Japanese filmmaker. She obtained an MFA degree at Columbia University in the City of New York on scholarships. She holds a BA in Art History from the University of Tokyo where she produced a series of film screenings and events. She also has worked as an assistant and producer at art galleries throughout Tokyo.

She has extensive experience working with international crews and has directed, written, and produced a number of short films in both the United States and Asia. Minami is a recipient of the Avex Digital Award (the best award at the script and pitch competition at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia) and Jack Larson Award for Collaboration. She is also an alumna of Fantastic Film School 2020 at Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival and Kyoto Filmmakers Lab 2020.

Minami is now based in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Shizuoka. She is creating more short films while developing her first feature project.

短編映画企画「KIKO」でJack Larson Award for Collaboration、短編脚本「ブレイカーズ(旧題:椅子と机とコンクリート)」でavex digital AWARDを受賞。京都フィルムメーカーズラボ2020、プチョン国際ファンタスティック映画祭のワークショップ Fantastic Film School 2020に参加した経験を持つ。

Press & Events
Selected as one of the participants of
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival's NAFF Film School 2020 
News Paper Article on Shadow Piece

Covered by Tokyo Shimbun and Chunichi Shinmbun
(in Japanese)
Participated in Sapporo Film Commission's Workshop
as a lecturer in 2019-2020
Seoul International Women's Film Festival 2019

Interview on Breakers (in Korean)
Screening of Breakers
at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018

「ブレイカーズ 」公開告知記事

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